VersionEdit Overview

VersionEdit gives you a simple mechanism to edit the version resources defined for any executable file. It runs from a GUI or command line interface. It operates independent of any development environment, and doesn’t require access to source.

Pricing: $75./single license

Simple, Low-Cost Tool

VersionEdit is a simple and low-cost means of editing your version resources. IDE’s that allow you to make similar edits are expensive to purchase AND require skilled developers to make the edits. VersionEdit gives non-developers in your organization a simple, inexpensive, yet powerful means of updating version resources.

No Familiarity with IDE Required

Because VersionEdit does not require familiarity with an IDE, developers no longer need to be responsible for the task of updating version resources. This allows your organization to shift that responsibility to the group who controls the build and release processes.

Access to Source is not Required

With VersionEdit, edits to version resources are made directly to the executable. Consequently, source code is not required.