In addition to improving PowerBuilder's build functions, PowerGen V8.5 includes many entirely new functions that give you even greater control over your builds and source control management. The source control architecture for PowerBuilder was changed substantially in V8.0. Among the changes was the elimination of Registered PBLs as part of the mechanism for checking objects in and out of PowerBuilder. Many users relied (mistakenly, in many cases) on the Registered PBLs to be an accurate reflection of the source that was controlled in their source control systems. Consequently they used the Registered PBLs to build deliverables.

With the elimination of the Registered PBLs came the requirements to be able to build PBLs from source-controlled objects. PB provides NO mechanism for doing this. Fortunately PowerGen Professional has provided this function for several releases in its Bootstrap Import and Synchronize functions.

Just a few of PowerGen's other features unavailable in PowerBuilder include full command line operations, unlimited application size, and an incremental build function that analyzes dependencies extensively and checks for changed sources and library list.