Susan Gates, Deloitte & Touche
“I’ll echo Paul Horan’s sentiment. I don’t know how anyone responsible for PowerBuilder libraries gets along without PowerGen.”

Paul Horan, CPD VCI
Run, don’t walk, to www.ecrane.com and get a copy of PowerGen. It’s an absolute lifesaver!

Terry Voth, (Team Powersoft)
“(PowerGen) gives you significantly more control over regens/compiles and is absolutely indispensible for multiple application compiles.

Jon Credit, (Team Powersoft) CLM Concepts, Inc.
My personal experiences with it are fantastic!!! I really can’t recommend it enough for any PFC development efforts that are trying to share the same framework libraries.

PowerBuilder Developer’s Journal
PowerGen provides an easy-to-manage facility for specifying how you want to create your PowerBuilder executables.